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A ShareX inspired cross platform utility written with Qt.

Linux Windows OS X
Build Status Build status Build Status


Made with KShare itself, of course :)


See the wiki. Please note that KShare is not compatiable with Wayland due to some permission issues. Please use X.Org instead.


  • Qt 5 Widgets
  • Qt 5 GUI
  • Qt 5 Network
  • Qt 5 X11Extras | Winextras
  • QHotkey
  • libavformat
  • libavcodec
  • libavutil
  • libswscale

Additionally, on Linux, you require:

  • XCB
  • XCB xfixes
  • XCB cursor

Despite the name implying so, this project does not depend on the KDE API at all.


Distro Link
Arch Linux (development) kshare-git
Ubuntu/Debian (development) .deb
Arch Linux kshare
Ubuntu/Debian .deb

For other UNIX-like platforms, and MSYS2 (for Windows):

You have to obtain the dependencies though.

git clone --recursive
cd KShare
qmake # Might be qmake-qt5 on your system

On systems with FFMpeg pre-3.1 you need to apply OlderSystemFix.patch to src/recording/encoders/encoder.cpp. On systems with Qt pre-5.7 you need to install the Qt version from their website. You can attempt to curl | bash

You can find more details here

Started on 19th of April 2017 to bring some attention and improvement to Linux screenshotting.