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A ShareX inspired cross platform utility written with Qt.
Originally written by ArsenArsen and here enhanced with these features.

Linux Windows
master CircleCI Build status
dev CircleCI Build status


Made with KShare itself, of course :)


See the wiki. Please note that KShare is not compatiable with Wayland due to some permission issues. Please use X.Org instead.


  • Qt 5 Widgets
  • Qt 5 GUI
  • Qt 5 Network
  • Qt 5 Multimedia
  • Qt 5 X11Extras | Winextras
  • QHotkey
  • libavformat
  • libavcodec
  • libavutil
  • libswscale

Additionally, on Linux, you require:

  • XCB
  • XCB xfixes
  • XCB cursor

Despite the name implying so, this project does not depend on the KDE API at all.


Distro Link
Arch Linux (development) kshare-git
Ubuntu/Debian (development) .deb
Arch Linux kshare
Ubuntu/Debian .deb

For other UNIX-like platforms, and MSYS2 (for Windows):

You have to obtain the dependencies though.

git clone --recursive
cd KShare
qmake # Might be qmake-qt5 on your system

On systems with FFMpeg pre-3.1 you need to apply OlderSystemFix.patch to src/recording/encoders/encoder.cpp. On systems with Qt pre-5.7 you need to install the Qt version from their website. You can attempt to curl | bash

You can find more details here

Started on 19th of April 2017 by ArsenArsen to bring some attention and improvement to Linux screenshotting.