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A ShareX clone written in Qt. Should be cross platform

Note: Windows users, stick to ShareX.


  • Qt 5 Widgets
  • Qt 5 GUI
  • Qt 5 Network

Despite the name implying so, this project does not depend on the KDE API at all.


  • Same support for Windows, Linux and Mac (if I ever get testers)
  • Screenshotting:
    1. Fullscreen,
    1. Area;
  • Screen recording, same options as above:
    1. WebM
    1. GIF (nopls)
  • Custom uploader support
  • Default uploaders, including:
    1. imgur
    1. Clipboard (not an uploader)
    1. (S)FTP
  • Oh, and a good icon.
Started on 19th of April 2017 to bring some attention and improvement to Linux screenshotting.